The Concept of Beauty


Beauty is a complex term that can be used to describe a wide range of things. It can be a physical object such as a piece of art or it can be a subjective pleasure such as a rock song or an opera. The definition of beauty is always changing, and is often influenced by society and culture. In times of political turmoil, it is essential for people to look good. A variety of factors have shaped the ideal appearance, including social status, racism, and capitalism.

Beauty is a combination of qualities that provide satisfaction to the eye, mind, and soul. This perceptual experience is usually called the sense of taste. There are also aesthetic principles that are involved in the process of creating art. These include form, colour, weight, and gender.

One of the oldest conceptions of beauty is that of Plato, who believed that the divine and the beautiful were one and the same. His view drew a distinction between the beauty of the world, which he argued was objective, and the beauty of the soul, which is a personal experience. Plotinus, meanwhile, noted that the concept of beauty cannot be reduced to a combination of physical attributes.

Another concept of beauty is that of the hedonists, who believe that pleasure and beauty are linked. For them, a thing is beautiful if it possesses a loving attitude or value.

However, these concepts of beauty are not a complete explanation of what beauty is. While many ancient thinkers saw beauty in the form or spirit of something, modern thinkers have come up with a more rational explanation.

For instance, Alan Moore believes that beauty is more than just a product or service, but is a way to create a sense of well-being, and in turn, promotes better business and personal performance. He has also written an article titled “The Business Case for Beauty” in which he argues that all of nature is beautiful.

On the other hand, Aquinas explains that the concept of beauty is empirically real in the physical realm. He also describes the rules of aesthetics as byproducts of good design. By demonstrating that form and function can be at once simultaneous, Aquinas provides a plausible solution to Kant’s humanism.

A good example of a work of art that utilizes the concept of beauty is the Mont Saint-Victoire. It is an imposing mountain in the Swiss Alps. Not only is the mountain beautiful, but the vista surrounding it is too.

Another example is the ELLE magazine. Unlike conventional fashion magazines, ELLE uses futuristic designs, lurid neon green lines, and metallic type. As the title implies, ELLE’s mission is to promote self-expression and celebrate creativity.

In addition, a work of dance or music can also be deemed to be a work of art. Music can be opera, ballet, or a rock song. Likewise, a work of theatre can be a film or TV advertisement.

Ultimately, a work of art is a work of art, and should remain a matter of personal discernment. Art should be made for the sake of art, and not because the critics want to dictate how beautiful someone is.