How to Be a Trendsnob


A trend is a style of clothing, makeup, music, or other accessories that is considered to be fashionable and popular. Trends are typically long-term trends that appear over a period of time, but they can also be short-term ones.

For instance, the fad of the year may be wearing a pair of trendy shoes, wearing the best looking eyeliner, or using a scented beauty product. The fad may be a new type of apparel, such as a ruffled dress, or it could be a short-term trend, such as wearing a funky pair of socks.

Other examples include camouflage, which has become a trend for a number of years now. Also, the Little Black Dress, which first appeared in the 1920s, is now a staple in the wardrobes of every woman.

While fashion is always trendy, being a “trendy” person means more than simply following the latest trends. It also involves keeping up with the latest movies and TV shows. To be a successful trend snob, you should have a good understanding of the history of fashion, and you should be familiar with the current trends in the fashion industry. This will give you the knowledge to know which clothing styles are worth buying and which ones are not.

A trend report, on the other hand, is a study of past and present trends. These reports can be used to research fashion, shoes, and handbag trends. They can also be useful to help determine the most stylish and wearable clothing options for the upcoming season.

In addition to the traditional methods of researching trends, you can take advantage of social media and digital media. You can read the latest fashion blogs, check out your local newspaper or television station, and listen to your favorite music channels. Additionally, you can check out trending websites and fashion websites to learn more about the latest trends and how to keep yourself up to date.

The Museum at FIT has a great exhibit about the history of the trend in the financial and fashion industries. It is called the “Trend-ology” and is located at FIT’s Fashion Institute. There, you can view various examples of the history of the trend in the telecommunications, clothing, and finance industries.

Another interesting example of a trend is the floral. It is not pure avant-garde, but the newest fads are taking flowery designs and turning them into minimal prints. Some notable examples include Etro’s revisited paisley, and Saint Laurent’s roses.

One way to keep up with the latest fashion trends is to follow celebrities and style stars on social media. They may post photos of themselves wearing some of the most recent fashion trends, or they might tell you what’s in vogue. Alternatively, you can watch the award winning TV shows of your choice. Netflix is also a great source of these trends.

Be sure to keep up with your favorite social networking sites and your favorite movies and TV shows to stay on top of the latest trend. If you are still unsure of what’s in vogue, don’t be afraid to try on some of the more trendy looks in your closet.