What’s Hot in 2023?


Trends in fashion are a way for designers to communicate new styles that can be quickly marketed and sold to consumers. The internet allows this to happen, enabling fast turnaround times and making it possible for trend-setting styles to go from designer catwalks to high street shelves and beyond.

Trendy is an adjective that describes a style that has become popular, and it’s used primarily in the fashion industry to describe clothing or accessories. This is different from the word “viral”, which is often used to describe something that spreads rapidly from one person to another without much notice.

A trendy item can be anything that people are wearing that they find attractive or exciting. It can be an outfit, a piece of jewelry or an item of furniture, among other things.

While trends may be defined as styles that are a hot topic for conversation, it’s important to remember that trends don’t necessarily indicate popularity in the market. Many a fad has passed the point of ‘trendiness’ and has faded from mainstream culture. This can be frustrating for people who are trying to build a brand, but it also serves as an opportunity for those who have a unique product or idea to establish their reputation.

It’s hard to predict what the next ‘it’ thing will be, but here are some of the trends that are expected to make an impact in 2023.

Metallics: Sparkles aren’t just a Christmas staple, and they’re coming out in force for spring. From silver suiting at Zimmermann to disco dresses from Givenchy, there’s plenty of sparkly styles to add to your closet in the new season.

Lilac and purple shades are making a big impression in the latest fashion trends. From lilac dresses to purple jackets and shirts, this pretty hue will continue to be a key player in 2023.

Y2K cargo pants: The ’90s and ’00s favorite is back in vogue, according to personal stylist Susan Padron. Featuring transparent details and statement pockets, this look is sure to make an appearance in your wardrobe this year.

Tasseled skirts: Feathered accents are a great way to inject drama into your skirts and knits this season. Team with a simple top for a casual daytime look or dress up with heels for an evening look that will turn heads at the office.

Heart prints and motifs: A nod to ’90s hip hop, this trend will be seen across tees, knits and dresses this year. Try pairing it with a neutral coloured shirt for a laid-back look, or pair with black trousers for a more formal take.

Fringes: With a glamorous edge, fringed pieces are sure to be a hit in 2023. With a range of metallic hues and plenty of tulle, this is a definite trend to keep an eye on.

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your wardrobe or just want to update the items that are already in your closet, these trend predictions are sure to give you inspiration. They’re all easy to incorporate into your daily wardrobe, and you can’t go wrong with them!